Today I Am Mostly…


…watching the sunrise



Do you remember a couple of Januarys ago I started a photoblog called Today I Am Mostly? I didn’t have enough time then to keep it going then, but I’ve missed doing it so much.

This year I’m determined to really work on my photography and photo styling, so I thought it might be a good idea to revive TIAM.  I’m not going to commit to every day, but I’m hoping to post two or three photos every week throughout the year.  I’ll post them on ‘mirrormirror’  and also to and to my Flickr page f you want some unadulterated eye candy.

I’ve also retrospectively published a picture here.



  1. says

    Haven’t the mornings been insane lately? Beautiful red sunrises. My parents have a tiny place to the left of your photo {Eastlake}. I enjoy the sunrises and views over Lake Union. Simply amazing.

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