WTF Friday: Wenlock and Mandeville, A Retraction


And so the Paralympics have drawn to a close – though you’d never have noticed if you were relying on the shameful lack of coverage by NBC in the US – and Britain can go back to being its normal curmudgeonly self.

But in the meantime I have an apology to make.  Do you remember this recent WTF Friday featuring Olympic and Paralympic Mascots Wenlock and Mandeville? And how scathing I was about their godawful ugliness (an opinion shared here by the Guardian)? And how no one in their right minds would possibly buy them?

Designer Grant Hunter has always defended them against the most scathing criticism by saying that children love them.




And guess who has pride of place amongst the very special stuffies who get the honour of sleeping with the Minx?

And who did we spent hours chasing after in London? (Though unfortunately we didn’t make it to Regent’s Park to find Sherlock Wenlock).





The Minx adores him. We have four in total, in various sizes and colours.  The kids we were staying with in London adored him too.

Grant Hunter, Wenlock, Mandeville. I apologise.



  1. K says

    I know. The kids have cuddly ones now and I must admit that I look on them with affection. And I was pretty damned mean about them a few months ago.

  2. says

    @GrantHunter Thanks SO much for taking this in good spirit:)
    I hate that you know my daughter better than I do, but she really does adore them.
    Many,many thanks for making her happy.

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