Yellow Goes Surprisingly Well With Everything


In her eyewateringly hilarious neo-feminist diatribe How To Be A Woman, UK journalist Caitlin Moran mentions in passing that ‘yellow shoes go surprisingly well with everything’.  And, though I’ve never owned a pair of yellow shoes in my life, I can see that this may very well be the case.

I’m also wondering if that is also case for interiors, but I suspect that is mostly so I can have an excuse to buy this – the IKEA Trollsta sideboard (which is apparently now only available in black instead of yellow, seriously guys, the yellowness was by far the best thing about it).


Trollsta I verkl

{From Planet Fur via Designer Junk Finder}


Perhaps fortunately for the people who have to live with me, we have absolutely no space for this – otherwise I’d be sorely tempted to drag home the black version and a pot of yellow paint.

So is it true? Does yellow go with everything? Should I buy yellow shoes? Do you want to sell me your yellow sideboard? Got any other examples of fabulous yellow accent pieces?



  1. Susan from Athens says

    I am here to tell you that no, yellow does not go with everything, and most particularly not with my skin. Gold goes with everything, but it can be a bit overwhelming (I city the entire baroque and rococo eras in support of this assertion).

  2. deri says

    Ducks, bathroom, that’s it for me with yellow. Maybe the odd bunch of daffs.
    (I accidentally left the house looking like a Caitlin tribute act last week; ditsy spotty maroon dress, flat boots, cardigan – everything but the white hair streak)

  3. says

    I love the yellow! Yellow does not go with my face sadly (not in the shade of the sideboard, that’s for certain) but I have long been toting my winter handbag of mustard yellow Harris tweed by Breagha of Scotland, and have this week been wearing in my new yellow SunSan sandals before the winter officially arrives. The only thing that doesn’t go with yellow is…other shades of yellow… as I’m currently finding out to my demise… Yellow cardi (throw on coverall for anything requiring a pop of colour), yellow bag, yellow shoes and yellow ‘Cashmilon’ beret from M&S (that’s not even a fibre!) all clash hideously.
    Everything in moderation, Helen.

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