Sia Does Crochet


I’ve always found it difficult to describe Aussie singer Sia Furler’s music – it’s somewhere between dance-pop and soulful jazz, with an almost folksie vibe thrown in.

Suffice it to say though that she has an amazingly powerful, rich yet tender voice with an appealing break and I adore her music.

A week or two back the Husband and I escaped for the evening to go and see her on tour in Seattle. The music was amazing; the band was cute; the support act (Danish singer Oh Land) was fabulous, Sia herself is as nutty as a fruitcake, with an appealing whimsical Aussie bluntness which made me laugh more than most stand-up comedians, and as the total icing on the cake, she had decorated her set with crochet. granny. blankets. Be still my beating heart. Really, who needs fancy lighting and special effects when you can have CROCHET?

Here are some photos of the awesome. Please excuse crappy phone photos




The backdrop comprised two huge granny square blankets on painted stripes, with ‘Sia’ picked out in balls of yarn.



Everything – amps, stools, mike stands etc. was wrapped in crochet.






Here’s Sia in concert at the London Roundhouse from the same tour. You can just about see the set in action.



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    Well, dammit all, Paola! I love Sia! Yet somehow I missed this?!?! Clearly living on this rock is removing me from society a little more each day. Help me! 😉 Glad it was a good show. Sorry I missed it. Miss you. Hope things are going well! 🙂

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