Gigantic Granny Square Afghan


Today is the Minx’s fifth birthday.  And so of course she comes bounding into our bedroom this morning full of energy and excitement and shouts about presents. 


For some reason it seemed particularly dark and I felt even crapper than I usually do when it’s time to get up, but it had been raining all night, which would explain the darkness, and when I asked the Husband what time it was (he keeps the alarm clock on his side of the bed) he said ‘oh, it’s twenty past seven’.  I felt so dreadfully unrested that I asked him to double check but he reassured me about the time and we hauled ourselves out of bed and downstairs to begin the unveiling of half a ton of Disney Princess/Calico Critters/My Little Pony crap tempered with the occasional improving book.

This process had been going on for about ten minutes and I was just about to start making birthday waffles when I happened to glance at the clock on the VCR. Which said 3:52.  Yes, my Cambridge-educated Husband had got his long and short hands mixed up and we’d all got up at 3.35 am. And of course after that the Minx was so excited it took her ages to go back to sleep, and she woke up again for the final time at 6.30 am.

So if you thought that today there would be a moving eulogy to my five-year old daughter or even any substantive blogging at all, then, dear readers, you are very much mistaken.


Instead here are a few pictures of the Gigantic Granny Square Blanket I crocheted for the Minx’s new dolls house.


She had expressed some disappointment that the blanket provided (a thin scrap of dark blue jersey) was too small for the sofa bed, so I decided to make the dolls their very own gigantic granny square afghan. I was very pleased with how well the yarn went with the decor and it seems that the (rather creepy) dolls are too.

This is another step in my ‘teach yourself to crochet’ campaign. After a few false starts I can now granny square along fabulously thanks to the Purl Bee’s excellent instructions. I’m almost tempted to start on a full-size gigantic granny square blanket just for us.


The yarn is the scraps from my first ever pair of socks. It’s fascinating to see how differently the yarn works up in different patterns.



  1. says

    Ha, ha — this is so funny! I died laughing at the top photo, too. The dolls were better rested than you were! (I mixed up the hands only once when I was in high school, when I thought it was ten after 6 and got up and showered at 2:30 a.m.! Then I got a digital clock, hint hint… : )

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to the Minx, and better rest to you all tonight. I can just imagine you papering over irritable thoughts about damn rainy Seattle with birthday cheer while making waffles in the dead of the night. It’s hilarious and I know I’ll be chuckling for a while, so thanks.

  3. camilla says

    Ahh lovely to see my prediction come real…
    Those dolls are seriously scary, am so glad you commeneted too – twas my first thought when seeing the initial picture, well before I admired your crocheting skills. What’s with the whites of the eyes?! And are the two in bed the Mummy and Daddy or guests over for Christmas…can we see the whole family? Are there staring rolling eyed BABIES?
    This post is from a friend of P who has absolutely nothing of interest to say about design/photostyling etc which must explain my reticence to post on the majority of threads. I do read all posts avidly , please be assured…

  4. deri Robins says

    Camilla, I am ALWAYS interested in anything you have to say – what was your prediction? PM me if it was very rude. PM me anyway.
    Whoever the dolls are meant to be, they have clearly both had a very good time.

  5. says

    Even with the little furniture, it still looks pretty good. If you had a house like that, you’d be living very luxuriously. Loving the design and the colors of everything that you have put up in there.

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