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While we were in San Diego my aunt admired a couple of the shawls I’d knitted previously, so I decided to make one for her.


IMG_8384 IMG_8392

Since I’ve been sharing my researches into our family tree with her, and since I’ve discovered that we’re both descended from Spitalfields silk weavers, I thought it would be appropriate to knit something in 100% silk laceweight yarn.


IMG_8403 IMG_8406

A nice, relaxing, lightweight project to take with me on holiday, I thought.  Boy was I wrong. This yarn is the slipperiest, shiniest, tangliest yarn known to woman and this project was the slipperiest, tangliest, tricksiest project I’ve ever done. I even added to my woes by doing things called ‘nupps’ which involve creating 7 stitches in on at the front of the work and then purling through all seven at the back. Yeah right.

IMG_8404 IMG_8386


And now I have to make one for myself. My aunt really doesn’t deserve me.

If you’re a complete masochist the pattern is here and you can buy similar silk lace yarn here, though the colourway I used, Beach Glass, is no longer available. Here’s the link to my Ravelry page, do stop by and be my friend.



  1. jen says

    You did nupps in silk lace?! You are a brave, brave woman. It looks fantastic and your aunt must be thrilled.

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