Adventures in Knitting – Summery Things


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It’s that time of year, when I don’t get much else done – the Minx is in camp and it’s a struggle to fit everything in – but I do manage a ton of knitting.

Knitting is the perfect accompaniment to sitting by the playground or wading pool or beach while the Minx grubs about with her friends. Honestly I have no idea how other knittingless mothers cope the boredom. And it’s really interesting to see how fascinated kids are by knitting – they’re always coming up to see how it’s done and what I’m making.

First up is my ever project in a true laceweight yarn – an Abrazo wrap using SweetGeorgia Silk Merino with copper glass beads. This was my holiday knitting project, and after the first few rows, which were a complete nightmare (you start knitting from the bottom up and shape the top with short rows) it was extremely plain sailing and a very enjoyable knit. There’s more here (Ravelry link)

I love the finished product, which has been getting a lot of summer party action.


IMG_8606 IMG_8593


Here it is pinned out and ‘blocking’ on a towel.


This is what it looked like when it came off the needles


I also managed to complete a little somethin’ somethin’ for the Minx. I actually started this little cotton top last year and practically finished it except for the straps, but then it spent nearly a year languishing in my knitting basket. Yet another quick and enjoyable knit. Ravelry link here. If you’re on Ravelry, I’m mirrormirror, do come and be my friend.


And no, I have no idea when the Minx turned into Hannah Montana.


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  1. deesigner says

    Both of those are GORGEOUS!!! I’m still struggling trying to learn how to knit in the round so I can make socks (thanks to your previous posts on socks!) Now I’m going to have to add these to my “future projects” file. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  2. says

    i can’t believe you knitted this. it’s not about you it’s about not believing that a PERSON knitted this. it’s just so breathtaking delicate and looks like it took forever. how long did you work on it???
    your girl looks awesome in her little top.

  3. says

    Thanks ladies for the compliments.
    Illahee – it’s really quick and easy
    Deesigner – have you seen that there are vids for most knitting techniques on YouTube? I teach myself a lot of stuff that way.
    Lou – it too me about six weeks, but I was no way knitting it exclusively. You really need to learn to knit and you’ll see it’s not that difficult 🙂 The wrap looks ethereal mostly because it uses very thin yarn on thickish needles, which creates big holes.

  4. says

    my jaw is still dropped. it’s just incredible. yeah.. as soon as i finished this big monster quilt that is waiting at home i will learn how to knit. i want a knittet sitting pouf. they are so great.

  5. says

    See now quilting – THAT makes my jaw drop.
    I haven’t seen knitted poufs, only crochet ones. But I’m dying to make one too. Maybe we should do a knit/crochet along when the time is right.

  6. says

    just 2 days ago i was at a fair here in frankfurt and i’ve seen poufs where i THINK they were knitted. with very thick yarn. could be crochet as well.. how do i see that?!?
    ah quilting is no big deal. for real. just time consuming. 🙂
    yeah i’ll tell you as soon as i start knitting. at the fair i’ve seen a prototype of something that looks like a picnic basket. it was a gift box with yarn, needles and instructions for a winter scarf. THAT was so pretty. the guy said it won’t be in stores before 2011 but that’s maybe something for me to start with. it was really lovely.

  7. says

    Maybe quilting is no big deal. IF you know one end of a sewing machine from another.
    Wish I could just pop over and teach you! Just get yourself on Ravelry and you’ll find thousands of patterns for simple scarves, then look on You Tube for beginners’ vids. You don’t need no fancy kit…

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