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As part of my 101 Things list, I’ve challenged myself to complete at least six photography workshops or classes in the next three years.

First up was a Seattle Shuttertour with the amazing Valentina Vitols.



This is such a cool concept – you are taken on walking tour of some of the most photogenic spots in Seattle, while ace photographer Valentina tells you a little about the history of what you’re seeing, stops every so often to give the group photography tips and is always available to share her knowledge on an individual basis.

She also talks a bit about using urban backdrops for portraiture, making sure to pick up your camera and take plenty of pictures of you as well, so you end up with some nice portraits by a professional portrait photographer.  And she took us to corners of Seattle that I had never been to before.

I knew most of the tips, but it’s one thing to know these things in the abstract and another to be able to put them into practice straightaway afterwards. And in fact just walking round the city for the sole purpose of taking photos was so unusual for me and just so much fun. I must do it more often.

I think the Shuttertours are finished for the year now, but if you’re a photographer either living in Seattle or visiting as a tourist, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Go and do one next season!



Valentina in front of Seattle’s infamous and quite revolting gum wall.



Moments and details in Post Alley


IMG_9664 IMG_9672
Coffee stop at the beautiful Caffe Stella near the Hammering Man


IMG_9747 IMG_9732



Portraits and self-portraits (wish I’d washed my hair that morning)
IMG_9704 IMG_9805


Colours and character in Pike Place Market




  1. says

    holy smokes. i didn’t know you had a hammering man as well that looks exactly like ours in frankfurt (i just looked it up and there are many more around the world! who knew?!!?)
    that sounds like a very cool tour. i have to check whether we have such a thing too.
    your portraits are nice. really. can’t see no dirty hair here!! 🙂

  2. says

    Wow, I had no idea either! Had never seen a Hammering Man before I came to Seattle. Am very disappointed that your Frankfurt one is even bigger than ours, that must be pretty impressive.

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