Knitting for the Home – Part I

Flicking through some recent magazines, it seems that texture is making its way back into interiors with a vengeance.

I love the way that knitted or crocheted items add softness, comfort and intricate detail to a space. I seem to spend far more time than is good for me on Ravelry nowadays and here are some of the patterns and projects I’ve been ogling recently. If only I had more knitting time. (If you spent less time pissing about on Ravelry, you’d have more time to knit.  Just saying. – Ed )

Extreme Home Knitting

From left to right starting at top left

– Crochet your own placemats.  Pattern here.

– Knit your own covers for paper lampshades. Info Interweave Knits.

– Knit a cute little teapot cosy (available as a free Ravelry download here).

– The pattern for the Jacquard cushion can be found in Glamour Knits At Home. Photo credit here.

– Blue and white Delft Pillow by Eunny Jang, also in Interweave Knits.

The crocheted and starched lampshade is inspired by Marcel Wanders Crochet Chair.  The Ravelry project page is here, unfortunately there is no pattern.  I ADORE this project.

– Another paper lampshade cover from Interweave Knits.

A close-up of the crocheted lampshade above

– Cute and practical little coasters by the Purl Bee.

– The pattern for the Matryoschka cushion is available for download from elf518’s Etsy shop.

– The pattern for the Puff Daddy stool is available here. Also featured by Apartment Therapy.

– Pattern for this fabulously striking ‘Metafourmosis’ Afghan/wallhanging is here. Do it in colours to complement your decor.

– Another paper lampshade cover from Interweave Knits.

A really cute little ‘gingham’ dishcloth.  The Ravelry project page is here. Again there is no pattern available, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure it out.

– Striking retro potholders made based on this pattern. Photo credit and inspiration here.

– Lampshade from crocheted hexagons, which will apparently be published in a book called ‘Crochet Revolution’. I can’t find details on Amazon, though the Ravelry page is here.

– The pattern for this bathmat is from Knit 2 TogetherUK peeps, do you remember Tracey Ullman? She moved to the US and started writing knitting books.

Minimalist crocheted lampshade from the same people who brought you the Puff Daddy footstool.

– If you’re feeling really bored, why not crochet your own lacy curtains? The pattern is here.

– The MOST amazing knitted bookcover.  Again there is no pattern, but go to the Ravelry project page here, marvel at the close-up pictures and see all the work involved.






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