Dirty Sexy Money

This post is by way of a plea.  Please, please watch this show; tell your friends about it; blog about it and somehow get the word out about it.  I love it to pieces but apparently the ratings aren’t good and it probably won’t see out a second season.

What’s not to love?  This everyday story of America’s favourite dysfunctional billionaires features tons of soapy over-the-top melodrama; a fabulously witty script; great acting performances from the likes of Donald Sutherland, Peter Krause and Jill Clayburgh; a vast array of male eye-candy; drop-dead gorgeous fashions; sex, murder and big business aplenty; a huge cast of deliciously amoral characters; the incredibly wonderful Natalie Zea; a banging soundtrack and the sort of interiors that only multi-billions (or a very happy set designer) can buy.






If you can imagine Dynasty meets  Sex and the City with good acting then that’s DSM.  Episodes 1 and 2 are currently available to view online here. You don’t need to have watched season 1 to follow season 2. Season 1 DVD is available to buy here (season 1 got a bit stymied by the writers’ strike but was still aces).  Please watch it for my sake, because I’ll be DISTRAUGHT if it goes off air.



  1. says

    Oh, I do love love this show!!!!!!!!!! My daughter and son in law live in San Francisco,and when the show was on hiatus, the actor who plays the wayward reverend, was visiting S.F. He was wandering the beach and my daughter and son in law met him. I read that some of the shows that didn’t attempt to put out a few episodes after the strike, are really suffering. ABC network is infamous for having amazing shows like this, then the minute it gets not so great ratings, they yank it!! I have a list as long as my arm with shows they did this to.Then when the Emmy awards come around, the canceled show usually gets many nominations and you are left saying, what the Hell !!!!

  2. says

    Oh I LURVE Brian the angry (ex) reverend – a fantastic character, and SUCH a good actor.
    I can’t believe how ruthless the US TV market is. In the UK everything gets commissioned for a whole season, so even if it’s not recommissioned you know that you’ll at least be able to watch a story to its conclusion, without it being pulled half way through. I spent the whole of last season on tenterhooks that my gorgeous guilty pleasure show would be cancelled and now I have to go through the stress all over again…

  3. Jennie says

    I love this show!
    I thought the follow up to the season premiere was pretty solid. The eulogy was touching (though it was written for Carmelita). I appreciated the fact that they didn’t leave us hanging with Juliet and I hope that she comes back soon! And of course… Tripp’s curve ball was priceless. Nick taking over the Darling Empire must be a real tickler to all of the Darling offspring!
    If you want more i would go to
    they have extras that are awesome!

  4. eM says

    My favorite moment from season one:
    finace: “Karen, you are such a bitch”
    Karen: (petulant and pouty)”I know, it’s a problem sometimes”
    me: HOOKED on the show. LOVE Karen.
    and the chemistry between Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland is riveting –

  5. says

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! Yes, I shouted it! Please watch it everyone, and spread the DSM love around. There are so few quality original scripted series on the main networks these days. Let’s save a slot that isn’t filled by people eating maggots or kicking each other off islands!

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