Make It Work

IMG_8194My life is now complete.  Look who’s just appeared on my desk.  My very own Tim Gunn talking bobblehead!

The Minx thinks my ‘funny man’ is quite hilarious and keeps sneaking up behind me and making him say ‘carry on’ or ‘FAB-U-LOUS’ or, of course, ‘make it work’.

His benign and smiling presence  and inspirational catch phrases are actually strangely motivating. I think old age is getting to me.



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    Oh I do love old Tim Gunn, most of all his comments to the designers. Love when he looks so concerned,as he peers over his glasses. This season isn’t as great as last though. I miss Christian!

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    He he! I included a link to his Wiki bio. He is the avuncular mentor on Project Runway here in the US with an impeccable sense of style and vocabulary. He is much loved in this household. I think you can get PR on Sky in the UK – well worth watching… I love it to bits.
    Elizabeth I agree about this season – although last season was all about Chris March for me (more for his personality than his clothes though). I understand he’s going to become a TV presenter so that’s good. I do think Leanne and Korto are very talented though, and I love Jerell to bits (his clothes not so much…)

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    i need me one of those!! *drool* too cute that it talks!
    i see korto winning, myself, and i really enjoy jerell, i think he’s a cutie (personality wise). he probably wouldn’t want to hear that, though.

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    Paola, so funny, I thought I spied one in last night’s episode on one of the boy’s beds and thought to myself “I have to have a Tim Gunn Bobblehead, where do I get one?” By the way, it would be my first Bobblehead doll and is the first one I’ve ever wanted!

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    OMG! HA HA HA HA!!! Lord! I AM behind the zeitgeist aren’t I?! And even the same title? CRAZY! Ah…but great minds think alike! Even if not necessarily at the same time 😉 (Too funny, Paola!)

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