Hot New Jewellery Designer


Look what I made the other night! Yes, I know they’re not terribly exciting but you’re supposed to be focusing on the little loops with twizzly bits round them above the dark blue beads (actually just focus on the left hand one, which is much better than the one on the right).  Oh I am so proud of my little self.

This is what we learned at ‘Beginning Wire Wrapping’ at Fusion Beads and I will never be able to look at a piece of jewellery in the same way again. 

I went out the other day and bought the stuff to do a couple of projects from Fusion Beads’ fabulous inspiration gallery.  The problem with jewellery making – unlike knitting, which can be done in front of dreadful reality TV programmes – is that I need to set aside a few hours of free time just to focus on the project and a few hours of completely free time doesn’t happen round here very often. So my pretty new beads are currently sitting quietly waiting for me to interact with them.

I suppose I could always stop reading blogs…



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