OK, first of all I want you to imagine that the landing has walls painted this sort of colour (which is currently the colour of the Minx’s playroom and the only colour in the house I like very much – though I’m going to change it to give her a jollier colour scheme).


Then imagine all the woodwork/millwork (?) painted white and no horrible burnt orange wall visible in the kitchen and the ‘Spray’ rug (which should be arriving fairly shortly) visible in the bedroom beyond. Oh and the ghastly panelling in the bedroom painted dove grey or something. (Yes, I realise that this would all be a lot easier if I just photoshopped it for you, but time is money round here).


And then tell me what you think of our new runner – a custom colourway of Emma Gardner’s Orbs design.

Yes you were right.  We did indeed choose option 3 (see the poll here) of the custom options we were given.

What you can’t see is how utterly blissful and soft the rug is.  Even though it’s the least expensive of their three quality options, it feels wonderful underfoot.

Now I need you to tell me where I can find a ironing board cover which will work with this runner, for our rather funky built-in genuine 1909 ironing-board, which, yes, is hidden 99.9% of the time (I’m not big on ironing). I think this might be the interiors equivalent of making sure your collar and cuffs match.

Yes, yes, I know.  We are going to be talking to painters soon, so can get the whole house done and I don’t have to keep telling you how much I hate all the existing colour schemes.



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    The ironing board is fabulously useful and practical. When we first moved I thought it was just a quaint little original feature, but actually I use it much more than my normal ironing board.

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