It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We’re off to Whistler on Sunday to spend Christmas there with friends.  It will be the first time we haven’t gone back home to the UK for Christmas since we came out here, and I think we’re all feeling a little nonplussed (Christmas and England very much go together for the Minx).


It will also be a little strange to leave Seattle, especially now that the house is looking so festive and cosy.  But we’re all looking forward to snow and skiing (the Husband and the Minx) and relaxation and knitting and reading (me) and seeing Whistler in all its pre-Olympic finery.

I had the tripod up so I thought I’d take some pictures of our decorations. It’s all a bit of a mish-mash but I’m so fond of all the individual elements.

What with owls, wooden deer, a new little bird (from Amy Ruppel) and various snowy/furry things our mantelpiece has inadvertently taken on a bit of a winter woodland theme.



In pre-Minx days our tree was quite strictly silver, gold and crystal, but it’s become rather more eclectic and colourful over the last few years.  I was going to tie some big bows on it in an attempt to bring it all together, but that just didn’t happen this year.



Gingerbread men and candy canes now mingle with a little embroidered horseman from the V&A (known affectionately as John of Gaunt  – my ultimate fictional lustbunny from Katherine).


Each member of the family has their own embroidered and sequinned initial.


Here’s the little baby carriage we bought when I was pregnant with the Minx.


And there’s the little baby angel we bought the year after.


This frankly creepy creature – known as the Candy Cane Child – was picked out by the Minx when she was two and is adored by her more than all the other decorations put together.


While I am a sucker for tiny 18th century shoes.


IMG_2670 IMG_2477


Looking at these photos, I have made one definite resolution for 2010.  NO. MORE. EGGYOLK. YELLOW. WALLS.



  1. says

    Love your decorations, they look really pretty. I think it’s wonderful how tree decorations can reflect your life together as a family.
    Have a wonderful time at Whistler and have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. says

    I was thinking in the beginning of the post that your walls look great with the white trim and fireplace so I cracked up when I read the last line.
    PS – the candy cane baby *is* a little creepy….
    Happy Christmas in Whistler!

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