Go Love Your Room – Seattle Craftsman

I was flicking through last month’s Sunset (which just gets better and better), when what did I see? A Seattle Craftsman house very much like ours, even down to the need for kid-friendliness. 


Loving the furniture placement here.  Unfortunately we can’t emulate it because of our built in bookcases.


They’ve even got a Tripp Trapp! And I like the way they’ve done the lighting over the table.  I’ve been contemplating doing something like this, but am wondering about maintaining the symmetry in the room.  Need to think about this.


Nice kitchen, for when we ever have the money to do ours.  I like how the cabinets and shelves look modern, but completely fit in with the look of the house.  


I ADORE this lamp. The house is owned by an architect couple, and from their website it seems that they’ve done some very sympathetic renovations of Craftsman properties in Seattle.  I’m keeping them on file just in case we ever win the lottery and can afford to remodel our basement and downstairs kitchen.



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    oh wow! Love this house. I’m loving the paint color and that they used it throughout the main living areas, I stress myself out too much about paint and would do a single color like that if I had normal walls. But my walls are where paint goes to die, no color ever works… nor does any art on the wall. Story for another day 🙂
    I’m still aching to have a Craftsman of my own one day!

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    I love that paint colour too, and don’t want to as it will confuse me even more. And now I’m wondering whether to use colour throughout the space, instead of painting the living room white. One day you will get your Craftsman!
    eM, I’d walk past it slowly too…

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