Our New Lamp

Bought at Christmas from Habitat in the UK and shipped to the US at vast expense.  There are some shops I just can’t live without.




One day that wall and wood trim will be painted a different colour.  However, I really wouldn’t hold your breath.



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    Katherine, you didn’t see all the cr*p I had to move off the drawers!
    Helen I can’t remember exactly where we got the drawers from – a small design company in East London is as far as I get. I might be able to dig out a receipt though, so email me if you really need the name…

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    It was a terrible tease to live in Germany for 6 months and fall in love with Habitat, only to return to the US and find myself unable to get a fix. And I don’t do much pond-hopping these days. Phooey.

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    I don’t understand why they don’t open them in the US -they’re owned by the same company as Ikea after all… one of the things I miss most about the UK.

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