Me and my expensive tastes

Image from Emma Gardner Design

So I thought it would make sense to source a beautiful rug for the main room and take things from there, rather than deciding on a colour scheme and then struggling to find a rug to fit in.

And today I thought I’d found my inspiration when I came across Emma Gardner’s gorgeous rugs – especially the Spray design above.  Having searched online for stockists it appears that the only slight snag is the price at $10,950.  Come to think of it, the words ‘hand-knotted Chinese Silk on Tibetan Wool ground’ sounded a bit dangerous.

Can anyone suggest where I might be able to source a beautiful rug in the US?  Ideally I’m looking for sophisticated pastel shades (think Vanessa Bruno) with perhaps a contemporary floral design (oh, the above is SO perfect). 

And somewhat cheaper than the above would be helpful or else I’m going to have to sell the Minx.



  1. lissie says

    What will you do with said gorgeous rug when L and her little friends are playing? Cover it with plastic?

  2. roundabout says

    I absolutely love Company C rugs: They’re not INexpensive, but they’re much more reasonable than $10,000!
    In addition to some good living room options, just look at the ‘April Blooms’ rug in the Camp and Cottage rugs section, and tell me that wouldn’t be adorable in a little girl’s room!

  3. says

    Thanks for your post and passion for our rugs!
    You can also get hand-tufted rugs from us that are much less expensive than the heirloom quality silk/wool combination which we guarantee for life.
    Please also note our rugs are Rugmark ( certified no child labor which some of the other companies rugs are not.

  4. says

    Check out – RUGMARK is an initiative working to end illegal and exploitative child labour in the handmade rug industry – their website has a list of suppliers that sell beautiful rugs (lots of independent rug designers – varying price ranges).