Toy Story

Jessie Cat

I’ve been inspired by the fabulous photos of kids’ toys at Will It Look Good Over the Sofa to take some portraits of her favourite toys for the Minx’s room.

Jessie Cat had a special bath before sitting and proved herself to be an outstanding model –  absolutely no fidgeting, backchat, diva-ish behaviour or cocaine – though a smile would have been nice and might have made her seem a bit less sinister.  

I’ve bought a trio of frames from Ikea and will take a couple of portraits of favourite other toys to make up a triptych.  

We haven’t printed it up yet, but even seeing Jessie on the computer screen has made the Minx utterly ecstatic.   



  1. says

    Hee. Moon saw the photo and is completely in love too. She even brought her black-and-white stuffed cat over to say hello. Nice work, and a great idea for decorating a kids room.

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    Jessie Cat does have a somewhat fixed expression, and her whiskers remind me of Fu Manchu, but what a clever idea to take her picture!

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