A Star Spangled Party

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We appear to be having a Fourth of July party.

So many people have remarked to us that our deck would be a fabulous place from which to see Seattle’s Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Union (apparently one of the top five displays in the country) that we decided, sort of on the spur of the moment, to invite a bunch of people.

The problem is I’ve never even been to a Fourth of July celebration before, so have absolutely no idea what one is supposed to DO.

Please let me know what, in your opinion, are the critical components of a successful Fourth of July party.   Are there traditional things you always eat, or drink or do?  Do I need to learn the words to the ’Star Spangled Banner’?

I have already bought the first accessory with which to decorate the deck.



  1. says

    Light things on fire. That’s the main thing we do to celebrate. Be it food, fireworks, or small children, we light it on fire.
    You should get some red coats to go with the flag. And let some yanks steal a few tea bags and dump them in the Sound (this last contribution is The Husbands).

  2. says

    From my childhood recollection, lots of barbequeing, but it has to be US stylee. Frankfurters (proper hotdogs none of this UK sausage rubbish) with luminous yellow mustard, hamburgers, salads (mountains of salads – potatoe, slaws, etc) and the drinks of choice to be iced tea and lemonade (both soft drinks). Corn on the cob always goes down well too….
    Good luck and let me know how it goes! If there’s going to be kids, icecream cake is a US delicacy that is very low in fat, calories and badness. That’s all lies by the way. x

  3. camilla says

    There are lots of tips on google – none too original and all seem to stress importance of going to see the fireworks, so I think you’re probably OK.
    Have you got your sprout green cushions yet? the red ones would go well with the overall red white blue colour scheme for the Party ;-p

  4. says

    Thanks for the help! I’ll post up the menu when it’s done and you can all critique it.
    IHF tell the Husband that’s an excellent suggestion, though Lake Union will have to do. A ceremonial bonfire of small children also has appeal.
    We were also thinking of getting huge water pistols which we could fire on our American guests as they arrived…

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