The Garden of Eden

The old cherry tree is absolutely alive with cherries and birds with whom we are engaged in all-out warfare, and the orchard ladder kindly donated by the previous owners is on constant standby, so that we can grab the fruit the instant it ripens and before the birds make off with it.

We picked our first bounty at the weekend and this is what we made.



  1. ELizabeth Mackey says

    I just recently found your blog and have had a lot of fun reading about your adventures in moving to the U.S. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and in 2002 I moved to Paris for two years and had the same feelings about leaving and adjusting. In the end I loved France and Europe and sometimes wish I were still there. Living here helps though,as I truly love San Francisco.
    Next time you come to the fair city by the bay, I could tell you where to shop. I saw your older post when you came here.
    Are you here in the States for a long haul or is it just a few years assignment?
    Oh and I love your beautiful cherry trees!!

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