The Kitchen Is Finished


Dear hearts, it is DONE.

Just as I was losing the will to live with this whole remodelling malarkey, this morning is the first one for months where I have not been sharing my home with charming bearded contractors.  The silence is utterly blissful.

And we are THRILLED.

I just can’t get over how beautiful the light is in here. I knew it must be, but it was almost impossible to see it against the forest green countertops and burnt orange walls we used to have.


There are still a couple of things to be done with the lighting – in particular we are waiting on a pendant light to go above the butcher block unit above –  and I also have to edit and organise approximately eleventy billion megatons of kitchen crap er paraphernalia.

But I thought I’d show you the finished empty shell and then we can talk about some of the details and styling at a later date, when it’s properly finished. I just hope I can do justice to it.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favourite details.


Yep, the Big Chill fridge still looks awesome.


I’m so happy with this aluminium roll door ‘appliance garage’.  We asked the contractors to customise the basic Ikea scrolling cabinet to make it deeper, so that I now have plenty of space to organise and disguise ugly appliances such as the slow cooker and panini grill and get them off the counter. I also like how the slats echo the panels in the ceiling.


We are obsessed with the splashback tiles in one of Heath Ceramic’s ‘Dwell’ patterns.  The photo doesn’t begin to do justice to how beautiful they are. I’ll do a separate blog post all about these.


We freaked out a little and bought a slab of walnut butcher block for one part of the counter. I think it might be my favourite thing in the whole kitchen (the rest of the counters are in honed white quartz). We asked the contractors to add a hinged flap of butcher block at the end to provide an extra bit of much-needed counterspace.


The ceiling is painted in Benjamin Moore’s ‘Simply White’ in a semi-gloss sheen and has turned from being an eyesore into a design feature.  I am besotted with how beautifully this has turned out.  In fact we chose three different whites for the kitchen, which I will also do a blog post about.

In fact I have to say that I’m besotted with the whole thing.  The only problem is I hardly dare use it.

It’s interesting to see how similar it is to our original Sketch Up designs. Goodness that was a useful exercise to go through.

West walll

North wall

And here’s one picture of the ‘before’ just to whet your appetite.


Here’s the kitchen in all its former monstrous hideousness.

Oh and many, MANY thanks to the wonderful GTR Residential Contracting for making our dreams a reality.  It was a true pleasure working with so many craftsmen, in particular the ever patient and charming Dan for whom nothing was too much trouble.  If you are in the Seattle area, I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

Pics of the bathroom remodel coming VERY soon.



  1. says

    I know I already swooned over on Instagram for your gorgeous kitchen remodel, but I couldn’t get enough and had to come over for a second swooning session. My gosh your space is stunning! Here’s to all the happy new memories you’ll be creating in your home. xo Ez

  2. Chervelle Camille says

    Love it so much! And that back splash! The colours and shades work perfectly together. You guys did a great job in playing up the natural light. Thanks for the virtual housewarming invitation!!

  3. says

    It is SO gorgeous–and even better without workers and drop cloths!:-) The light, the colors, it all looks luminous.
    Congrats and enjoy! You must be delighted.

  4. Jo says

    Paola it’s stunning, what a transformation! I love the scrolling cabinet, those splashback tiles and the ceiling. The whole thing is serene.

  5. says

    That is utterly stunning. Shame the next step is filing it up with a load of actual cooking paraphenalia and then having to actually COOK in it. Can’t you just order takeout for the rest of your days and swoon about in an empty space?! I sympathise with the eleventy billion – story of my life.

  6. Deri says

    Absolutely gorgeous, adore the light and splashbacks especially. Do hope the fridge is the EXACT same shade as the breadbin though *shudders at thought of alternative scenario*

  7. Deri says

    Absolutely gorgeous, adore the light and splashbacks especially. Do hope the fridge is the EXACT same shade as the breadbin though *shudders at thought of alternative scenario*

  8. says

    OHMIGOODNESS THIS IS GORGEOUS. Paola!! (You were totally being modest about the amazingness of your second kitchen.) Love the pop of color from the fridge and the butcher block countertop and that sunny gorgeous view – magnificent. Can we be cooking buddies?? 🙂

  9. Lisa says

    Sooo beautiful, Paola, can’t wait to see it IRL later this month! I can already see how the years of “careful pondering” of what that space could/should be has paid off.

  10. says

    Congratulations on a truly wonderful outcome for your kitchen. I know you must be sooo glad the construction is over. I am looking forward to accessories and photos of the kitchen in use.

  11. says

    it’s gorgeous!!! We moved in 6 months ago, our new house has a 80’s kitchen, but I lacked the courage to even stàrt thinking about a renewed kitchen, but your kitchen-change gives me a boost!!!!!!
    thanks a lot 🙂

  12. says

    Wow, Paola, your kitchen is beautiful! I admire you for taking on such a project. I can’t imagine living through a kitchen renovation, although I wouldn’t mind making some changes to our kitchen. Now all you need is some beautiful handwoven towels! I’d better get busy!

  13. says

    Oh I am swooning! It is absolutely gorgeous and MY dream kitchen! Fabulous retro fridge, just fabulous! Oh I can’t even spill out all the adjectives I have to say how beautiful I think it is and how jealous I am!!! And I cannot believe it is the same space as the brown kitchen. It looks double the size! Congratulations! Can we hold a workshop there?


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