Kitchen Remodel: Progress At Last


After a few weeks when it seemed like nothing much tangible was happening (though I knew a ton of stuff was happening behind the scenes) we’ve suddenly made huge progress in the last week.




The big news is that, not only do we have primed white walls and ceilings, but the floor has been laid. I am so pleased with it.  I was a little worried that it would be too dark but I think it is warm and inviting and will hopefully look even less forbidding when the whole symphony of white above it fully unfolds.


upstairskitchen-2 upstairskitchen-3




Here is what the ‘symphony of white’ is going to look like.  I realise you can’t see any difference at all between any of them on your screens, though they are there.  I have to run off now to a meeting at the Minx’s school, so I think we’ll talk about whites in another blog post.




The other big news is the arrival of a jolly green giant this morning in the shape of our new Big Chill fridge (of which more too next week). And it fits into the space we left for it!  Much excitement all round here as it slid smoothly into the allotted gap.

Again I am delighted with it.  It was a ridiculous amount of money of course, and it’s huge design blogger cliché, but I do think it gives the room a focal point and the green reflects all the light in the kitchen and appears less sickly than it seemed from the sample.

All hugely thrilling, I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.



  1. says

    whites are absolutely not all the same!
    so glad you picked two of my favorites: snowfall and simply – BM has the best whites I think
    the fridge looks great – but I still generally hate refrigerators. I don’t know why they can’t look more like cabinets and less like cars

  2. K says

    It’s looking great! About the fridge (which is beautiful), do those handles have some kind of breakaway feature? I didn’t think they made them like that anymore!

  3. says

    @eM I just spend the weekend looking at about 50 whites, so I know they’re not all the same. I just meant on your screen (and in my pic). But you have excellent taste in whites. All the ones you suggested on the previous post were lovely, though Mascarpone was just a shade too warm.

    @bushra Thanks! I chose the floor BECAUSE it looks aged and fits in with the house, so I’m glad you like it
    I love that the fridge looks like a big old Cadillac.

    @k Thank you! By ‘breakaway’ do you mean that they pivot towards you when you open them? If so then YES they do. It’s one of my very favourite things about the fridge #mynewbaby.

  4. Bianca says

    Mucho impressed with the sheer amount of work done thus far. Love the colour of the fridge and the choice of flooring, especially, but that might be because I have hardwood throughout myself. It makes for warm feet and a comfortable back. I would find it hard to change back to tiling.

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