That Was The Week That Was


Some favourite Instagram photos from last week. Come and find me, I’m ‘mirrormirrorxx’.  (Going to try and do this every weekend).

As you can see it’s been a week of snow and soft pastel colours.


IMG_1346 IMG_1351
IMG_1440 IMG_1405
IMG_1482 IMG_1442
IMG_1484 IMG_1486
IMG_1514 IMG_1515
IMG_1395 IMG_1374


We had a massive snowstorm in Seattle last week which meant that the Minx and I were both trapped at home.  What with that and going away on a jolly with the Husband’s job last weekend, I’ve still trying to catch my tail after Christmas.

Normal, hopefully better than normal, blog service will resume tomorrow.



  1. Mally says

    These work beautifully as a collection. Have you used an app to get the (very cool) polaroid frames? It’s a great way to tie the images together.

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