Barbie Got Married


Ken has finally made an honest woman out of Barbie! (When did he start looking like someone out of a boy band by the way?)


Capture Captfsfure


Fortunately wedding photographer Beatrice de Guigne was commissioned to record the occasion. Check the album out to see Barbie getting ready – close ups of her dress and shoes, the bridal party, the flowers and and the table decorations.  All the details of how Beatrice coped with such a famous and temperamental bride are here.






I love how this set features (as is only appropriate for Barbie) every wedding album cliché in the book. How many of these poses do you have in your own album? (Beatrice dG really is a great photographer though. I loved this Parisian wedding album on her blog). 





  1. Marie says

    I love it! This made my day and my daughter’s. She is 5 and is obsessed with both Barbies and weddings. I love your blog and am so happy you are back!

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