Funky Loft Beds


For the past few months we’ve been in the market for a cool loft bed for the Minx.  The problem was a familiar one – all the beautifully designed loftbeds that I actually LIKED were phenomenally expensive, while the ones we could afford were all cheaply made, old fashioned, plain ugly or only available in Europe.  Why does great design have to be so flipping spendy and why is all the funky stuff in the US imported from Europe in the first place? Where are the American designers doing cool contemporary design for kids?

Here are some of the beds we loved and had to reject because of cost.  Next week I’ll post pictures of the bed we finally chose.

This is the Alex Loft Bed system by DucDuc. It’s available in a range of cool colours and is American designed and made, but you’ll have to fork out $2,850 for just the top bed and armoire before adding a the desk or a bottom bed etc.




All you get for $2,850


The felt-covered  German-made Perludi ‘Amber in the Sky’ is also rather splendid, and available here for a cool $2599 (down from $3,450).





The Azor loft bed below is also imported from Europe but comes in at a slightly more reasonable at $2150, including, I think, the desk.




My absolute fave was this picture I found on OhDeeDoh. The link is now broken, it looks like the bed was also super expensive, and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else,  but I love the diagonal footprint, so am adding it here to sigh about what might have been.





Did I say my most favourite? Actually that accolade probably needs to go to these Tiramolla loft bedrooms from Tumidei of Italy which I believe are available through Roche Bobois. I didn’t even bother to enquire as to how much they cost (I’m sure the answer would be ‘your first born child’ which would rather defeat the object) but they sure are molto bello.



Picture 14




Images from the Minx’s new bedroom coming early next week. I know you can’t wait.



  1. Kassy says

    Why are there no adult beds that are this nice and functional? The third pic from the bottom would solve the storage problem in my room.

  2. says

    OMG I love these loft bedrooms for kids. Every second German kid seems to have one in all of the homes I visit here. Maybe it’s the ceiling height I don’t know, but they are even in the homes with “normal” ceilings…

  3. says

    Wow, those prices are out of this world, at least outside of my little world. Too bad, because I’ve been looking for some fun and creative ways to either update my sons loft bed or get a new one when we remodel his very small bedroom. I am looking forward to seeing which one you chose. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  4. says

    Wow I really like Minx’s room. The color scheme is superb. And the surfboard really sells it for me 🙂
    How much did it cost for all of these things together?

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