101 Things – Food Photography with Clare Barboza


Over the last week or two, I’ve been dealing with a severe case of ‘I’ve got so much to do in every direction that I must go and hide and gibber quietly to myself in a darkened room’ which I’m finding is not the optimum solution to my ever-lengthening to do list.

So it’s mostly going to be pretty pictures until I emerge from under the layers of work, admin and clutter which are currently overwhelming me.




On Saturday I took some time off from the insanity, to do yet another photography class to keep me going on my 101 Things list. (By the way, I have apparently inspired Lara at Food. Soil. Thread and Helen at CountrysideWeddings to similar madness, so please go and encourage them too).

Clare Barboza, whose Child Photography class I recently took, is also a mega-talented food photographer and works out of the same awesome studio as Lara Ferroni.

The class was extremely useful. We talked about lighting and basic technique; critiqued photos Clare had taken; took shots of beautifully prepared and plated food cooked by Chef Becky Selengut and Marc Schermerhorn; tried plating and styling our own shots, critiqued our shots as a group and then got some tips on post production.

Here are some of the shots I took. My hit ratio of good shots to crap is still frustratingly low (and these had to be significantly worked on in Lightroom) but I feel like I’m starting to grope my way towards a style. The lighting and the studio props make everything so easy though.

I know I always say this (hey, what can I say, Seattle is STUFFED with prodigiously talented photogaphers) but again I can’t recommend this class highly enough if you’re into food photography. I believe Clare has got another couple of classes coming up, check on her blog if you’re interested.


IMG_3252 IMG_3257


IMG_3300 IMG_3346

IMG_3291 IMG_3283   IMG_3323 IMG_3265



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    Wow, I disappear of the face of the earth for a few years and the Minx goes from toddler to girl and you become a fabulous food photographer!
    Guess who this is, it’s Cally (callycreates)! I know, people thought i’d rotted into the furniture (almost true) & though i don’t have the energy to blog anymore I had to tell old blog friends that I posted today, 1st time since ’09. I made a travel photo book. Nothing to do with my art/design (photo’s of doors, cats, postboxes, shutters etc from that wedding visit to France in 2006 – a long time coming eh!), the amazing part is simply that I managed to start AND finish something for the first time in 3 years despite my M.E. being really bad and I had to share my happiness with people who know how much that means to me. Those bed bound days were not entirely wasted & this bloomin’ illness hasn’t stopped my eyes entirely even though it hinders my hands.
    Apologies for ’round robin’ portions of this, haven’t got the energy to write them all out 100% original. Wishing you and the family a great year, may all your meals be styled to perfection and may your hand stay steady to capture it (therein lies the reason I don’t post new photo’s – shaky like an old lady now), one day I’ll be back to read regularly and drool over your food. And on that note, you’ve made me need to munch on a pomegranate, luckily I have 2 in the house.
    Take care Cally x

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    These are mouth watering recipes that we can prepare in any special occasions. I really appreciate the effort of posting the photos. They are indeed very tempting. Thanks a lot for sharing this and more power. This is a very timely post. This weekend, I am planning to host a dinner at home for my son’s birthday. This is can be a great help.

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    lady the picture of the pomgranate rocks! i mean…. they all rock but that’s my personal favorite. and seeing this here makes me want to take a proper-picture-taking class as well. very very great!!

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