Voting Works!




Well my lovely cute little chickadees.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Food Ninja competition, I apparently won the ‘Best Blog Post’ category and soon a cute and extremely funky looking Zojirushi rice cooker will be mine. 

Thank you so much to all who voted.  I’m completely amazed and tickled pink, especially as I can now tick off ‘Win something, anything’ from my 101 Things list, for a total of 3 things completed.

So you see voting thing works. There’s another teensy vote going on in the US today. Regular readers will probably know which side of the fence I’m on (I’ll give you a clue, two weeks ago I went to see Obama at a rally in Seattle) but I just wanted to urge everyone to get out and vote, whatever and whomever you’re voting for.

I can’t vote in US elections, but know full well how much impact they have, not just for Americans but for the rest of the world. And the whole world benefits from a vigorous, informed and engaged American electorate. So if you have a vote, count yourself lucky and go out and use it!

A propos, has anyone actually used a rice cooker? Are they useful? What sort of stuff do you cook in them? Are they good for brown rice and pilafs as well as Asian white rices? Where the heck am I going to find space for it in my kitchen?



  1. Lucy says

    The chinese people I know (and Indians actually) always use them, so that is encouraging, although I don’t know if you can go for flavoured options. You can’t cook v small portions though.

  2. K says

    Big sigh re the election. But congrats on the cooker. I love mine and have found it great for all kinds of rice. Just load it up, turn it on, and walk away. So easy. Mine also has a steamer rack so could cook veggies, fish, etc., but I haven’t ever done that. Oughta try.

  3. says

    Hey congratulations! Always wanted one of those rice cookers, but thought it might turn into another unused gadget in my store room. I’ll be waiting for your pics:)

  4. Frith says

    great work! my big bro has been a chef at a michelin restaurant. he is a kitchen god. he swears by his rice cooker. as for storage, well, good luck! thanks for your lovely words and pictures.

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