Seattle July '09

Here’s the Minx enjoying her idyllic Pacific Northwest summer 

I’ve been waiting for this moment for nearly five years.

Yesterday the Minx went off to kindergarten (for UK readers that’s the equivalent of ‘infant school’) clutching her new Tinkerbell lunchbag in her sticky little mitt and I got my life back.

I fell pregnant with the Minx two months after deciding to start mirrormirror and was seven months pregnant when the website actually launched.  The Minx was three months old when my then business partner decided it wasn’t for her and eighteen months old when we moved lock, stock and barrel to Seattle while continuing the business in the UK.  So really I’ve never been able to work on the business without fitting it round the needs of a tiny child.

And although I’ve had varying amounts of childcare, since the Minx was born I have never before had the unbelievable luxury of five (albeit short) days a week at my disposal, instead of cramming in odds and ends and bits and pieces of work round the childcare.

So there are going to be some big changes round here.

– First up I really want to start developing this blog. Thanks to my diehard readers for sticking with it even when I’ve hardly been updating. I do love writing it though and now I’ll be able to update it at least daily. So stay tuned.

– Next, there are some changes happening with my poor neglected little shop back in the UK.  I’m not quite sure yet how they’re going to pan out, so no news yet, but stuff IS happening behind the scenes.

– Lastly and, most excitingly,  I hope to launch the US version of mirrormirror early next year, depending on when our green card comes through and I can legitimately work out here. Please keep you fingers crossed that it’s soon.

I’ve got tons of other ideas bubbling up, but we’ll start with this stuff for the moment and see how things pan out.  I’ve also got nearly five years of neglected filing and a disastrous email inbox to take care of.



  1. says

    Have I really been reading your wonderful blog for that long???
    Good luck to the Minx and even more luck to you. Short bursts of time are starting to drive me insane so here’s to decent chunks when you can properly achieve all that you so surely will.

  2. says

    I started reading your blog right after you came to Seattle…the Minx was so little then! It is always so hard to accept how fast children grow. I congratulate you on your prospective freedom, and am delighted that you plan to use some of it for blogging. I have really loved this blog. Here’s to school; may both you and the Minx enjoy it thorougly.

  3. says

    I remember all the other mothers being distraught at their children starting school but I was delighted to have 6 solid hours to work. So I know where you’re coming from! Hope Minx is enjoying school and good luck getting those visa’s!

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