Dressed Up To The Nines

Portland April '09

Photos by Paola Thomas

I have SUCH a weakness for gorgeous hotels.  This weekend we managed to get a deal on the recently-opened the Nines in Portland.  Great location and a fabulous boutique-y feel for a largeish hotel.

There were some great decor touches.  I liked the taupe colour scheme with accents of aqua, lilac, purple and amber in the pillows, sheer drapes, and Murano glass light installations; the subtle taupe on taupe patterning in the wallpapers; and the lovely bespoke carpets which reflected the accent colours and the patterns in the papers and drapes.  The Minx adored the sparkly chandeliers and a somewhat strange sculpture of an enormous jewelled necklace in the lobby  (I didn’t get a good picture of this though).

The lounge and bar area in the enormous central atrium was fabulous – divided up into a number of different ‘rooms’ each with their own decor, lighting and seating, but working together harmoniously as a whole.  And we were quite memerised by Matt McCormick’s art installation comprising four enormous LCD panels showing silhouettes of cars crossing Portland’s Fremont Bridge at sunset in the restaurant. Here’s an article with more about the hotel’s art collection.

All-in-all highly recommended next time you’re staying in Portland.



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