Christmas Cake Update

So on Friday the Minx and I worked on the Christmas Cake.


Here’s one for the parenting police.  We made lots of tiny holes in the cake with a skewer and then poured a couple of tablespoons of brandy over the top. The Minx is spreading the brandy over the cake to make sure it got properly impregnated.  We’ve done this about three times since the cake was baked.

Next I made a vast quantity of marzipan using Delia’s recipe which was super fiddly as the eggs and sugar are cooked over a gentle heat to make a meringue before the ground almonds are stirred in.  It makes really good marzipan though.

Here is the cake all marzipanned and ready to go.


Because Christmas cake isn’t made in the US there are no kitsch Christmas cake decorations for sale either, so the Minx and I decided to make some out of marzipan.  Santa is still waiting for his snow white beard made of royal icing. The Husband insists that no Christmas cake is complete without a ‘frozen pond’ made from card and tin foil, so he’s been told to make one of those, before I make some royal icing and assemble the whole thing by the middle of the week.




  1. lissie says

    You are going to be SO unimpressed with shop-bought cake at Toll House Towers… vintage 1950s decorations notwithstanding…

  2. says

    That is some serious dedication to a Christmas cake. Homemade marzipan?!
    When I was shopping at Cost Plus World Market this weekend, I heard woman with a British accent asking where she could find the marzipan that one rolls out. I wondered what she was making. Now I know! Sounds and looks delicious.

  3. says

    Oh, Ms. Paola! You are an extraordinary one indeed! HOMEMADE marzipan?! That puts my tawdry cupcakes to shame! This looks wonderful as I am nuts about, yes, fruitcake (watch yourself!), marzipan, and, of course, brandy! The snowpeople are adorable and I can’t wait to see the finished product!
    And kudos to the Minx! Half a bottle of brandy gone and she’s still standing? My but you’ve trained her well, m’dear! 😉

  4. says

    Uncle B. If you can make cupcakes you can make marzipan. It’s no biggy (particularly if you are sensible and avoid the cooked variety).
    Ha ha re. the Minx. She’s not only standing but COOKING! Though this was just before she fell off the barstool in a drunken heap.
    Gypsy. Did Cost Plus have roll out marzipan? The only marzipan I saw at my local supermarket came in a TIN which I have never seen before and looked like an abomination.

  5. says

    Paola, they did have it, or at least they thought they did. An unreasonably perky sales associate led her around the corner to point it out, and I didn’t hear any shrieks or anything. I had earlier noticed a plain log of marzipan wrapped in gold plastic myself…not sure if that’s what was being referred to in your case or hers.

  6. says

    YUMM, I think I’m the only American that really loves fruit cake, or Christmas cake as you call it. My mom made one one year that had lots of brandy in it and it was so tasty. My dad has British roots,so maybe that is why I love it so much. Here in the States it is always made fun of,and something that nobody wants as a gift.

  7. says

    Americans have NO sense… 🙂
    It’s probably an acquired taste, but this recipe is really yummy. We’re so excited to have one this year. Next year I want to make a Christmas pudding as well…
    Gypsy, loving the idea of an unreasonably perky sales assistant. Coming from the UK, the homeland of grumpy sales assistants, all sales assistants here are both unreasonably perky and unreasonably helpful…

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