The Minx

Img_5455All of a sudden my baby girl seems all growed up. 

In the last few days she seems to have acquired incredible manual dexterity – she can feed herself with her fab spoon-on-a-telephone-wire, point to various pictures in books very accurately, throw things properly and even reach out and pick things up without having to look directly at them.

She gives us the most wonderful hugs, can say about five words -mostly beginning with ‘c’ – and understands a whole lot more, loves music and dancing, and adores cats and dogs.

She’s still not walking, though doing everything but – practically running behind her brick walker, standing unaided for long periods of time, cruising on tiptoe and standing supported on one leg.  I don’t think she sees the point of walking at all when she can crawl so easily.

Most importantly of all SHE HAD A GREAT DAY AT NURSERY TODAY AND CAME HOME IN A GOOD MOOD.  I know I’m supposed to be all nostalgic for the baby days, but goodness me I’m enjoying these days so much more… And am I a bad mother to enjoy her absences so much?



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