The End of Summer




It’s a sparkly, warm day today in Seattle but the leaves are turning just round the edges, the evenings are growing cooler, the Minx and I spent  yesterday picking blackberries and there’s definitely an undertone of autumn in the air.

We’re back after an incredible weekend at the Labor Day Family Weekend at Canoe Island French Camp in the San Juans and the Minx went back to school this morning.  My little tiny, itty bitty scrap of a baby has just started third grade.

It’s been a wonderful summer, but I can’t wait to start a new year for me too.  I have BIG PLANS and maybe this year I’ll even get to execute them.

In the meantime here are some photos of our weekend on Canoe Island. Man, that place is good for the soul.











  1. Connie H. Jones says

    Thanks for your kind words and inspiring photos. It was fun wasn’t it! We’ll be sending out information on 2013 in the next few weeks. Our baker Amanda just came up with a fabulous idea to have a “Mom & Me” Mother’s Day Weekend baking event with kids baking in the morning while Moms (and Dads) kayak and play tennis, and then the Mom’s bake desserts with Amanda while the kids swim, kayak, do archery etc. What do you think!

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