Les Jardins Macarons by Pierre Herme




Since we’ve been chatting about both macarons and interesting food styling I thought I’d share the latest creations of master macaronier Pierre Herme’.

Through his online club ‘Les Jardins’ he is making a new limited edition flavour macaron available every month. Tragically they will only ship to the UK and Europe (which is officially NOT FAIR). 

Us poor unfortunates in the US and elsewhere in the world will have to make do with gazing longingly at the breathtaking food photography of French photographer Bernhard Winkelmann or attempt to make our own using Pierre Herme’s book ‘Macarons’ which I have, but which has officially scared the sh*t out of me, starting as it does with a chapter entitled ‘Thirty Two Steps to Successful Macaron Shells’.

I’m also wondering if some of these flavour combinations aren’t in reality ‘a step too far.’ Does someone want to buy some and report back?  I think I like the sound of Lime, Raspberry and Piment d’Espelette best.  What do you chaps think? The full list of monthly flavours released so far is here.



Green Tea, Chanterelle and Lemon


Lemon and Caramelised Fennel


Lime, Raspberry, Piment d’Espelette


Chocolate & Lime


Violet & Aniseed

All pictures by the amazing Bernhard Winkelmann.



  1. Lucy Gray says

    Perhaps it is like the salty ones – one has to get slightly used to the idea. Macaroons are oddly appealing, although I rarely eat them as my thriftiness (what thriftiness, I hear you cry) generally rebels at paying £2.50 for a morsel. I too keep meaning to cook them, but not getting round to it. Divertimenti do an afternoon course which I might splash out on (thriftiness…?). I think the aniseed could be interesting.

  2. says

    Yes, I was thinking that must be how he’d photographed them, but they’re so cleverly arranged to look like they’re falling from the sky…

  3. says

    First of: ur photography is stunning! Very inspiring.
    I live in Amsterdam, have eaten some really weird Hermé-macarons, and quickly became an addict. Hermé is a master in combining flavors. The ‘secret’ is in letting the macarons “fuse” for 24 hours before eating. I made the wasabi & grapefruit macaron. Out of curiosity I tasted one right after preparation (yes, I make em myself, and it’s NOT that difficult). It was disgusting…. I almost went ahead and chucked them all out, but put them in the fridge anyway.
    The next day…. they were fingerlicking good, to the point of divine. The “tango”-line is my favorite Hermé; it pairs raspberry, parmesan cheese, and chilipepper. It is as mouthwatering as the combo sounds disgusting 🙂
    Only thing to watch out for are some really annoying typo’s and mistakes in the english version(s) of his book(s).
    thank you for your inspirational blog and photography. I’m really learning a lot, just watching and seeing why and how the pictures work!
    Freerk from ‘Breadlab’

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