Royal Wedding Random Thoughts – The Cake


I’m super tired and still childishly excited – the family had a ton of fun watching the festivities in bed last night – but I’ll be posting up a few random thoughts throughout the day today. All in all I thought the whole thing was a stunning success, made me proud to be British and more homesick than I can possibly describe.  It’s London I miss, God love that huge, dirty, smelly, GLORIOUS city. 

I’ll get to the dress later on, but first up I wanted to share some pictures of the cake – one of the most stunning examples of the cakemaker’s art I’ve ever seen.





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Just look at that exquisite craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail. I have no idea how they could bear to cut into it.



“The wedding cake, designed by Fiona Cairns, is made from 17 individual fruit cakes (12 of which form the base) and has eight tiers. The cake has been decorated with cream and white icing using the Joseph Lambeth technique. There are up to 900 individually iced flowers and leaves of 17 different varieties decorated on the cake. A garland design around the middle of the cake matches the architectural garlands decorated around the top of the Picture Gallery in Buckingham Palace, the room in which the cake will be displayed.


And yes, it was a fruit cake which can, contrary to most American opinion it seems, be utterly delicious.



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    It’s so gorgeous. I enjoyed reading your tweets late last night, I was so happy to know that the Minx was up to see the littlest flower girl!

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    Sorry, P, but although I can appreciate the craftsmanship, I’m not a fan of the undulations and recesses… Is it me or does it look a bit like butt cheeks towards the bottom? (ha ha) Or at best, a rivulet from a rather bumpy waterfall? Or maybe even a wierd cake with its legs akimbo giving birth to a floral display in sugar? Not feeling the love, I’m sorry.

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