Things I Am Loving – Jme Foods for Williams-Sonoma


Or, more precisely, I’m loving the labelling, since I haven’t tried the foods themselves yet.

Jamie Oliver has just launched his Jme range of artisanal British foods in the US in conjunction with Williams-Sonoma. I’m definitely going to be trying the mango chutney, mint sauce and marmelade as it’s difficult to get good versions of these oh so British delicacies over here. (Though I’m also noting how flippin’ expensive they are in comparison with the same products in the UK.) I’m hoping that at some point his full range of British products finds its way over here.




What I’m most intrigued by, though, by the packaging.  It looks very British – as in so many things American packaging can get very busy and very ‘more is more’ – whereas this is simple, old-fashioned in a modern way, if that makes sense and quite austere.

I love how the simplicity and retro styling makes everything hang together, despite using a  mishmash of different packaging shapes, fonts, label styles and colours.  It looks like a very idealised version of how my mother’s pantry might have looked in the Mad Men era (in her dreams haha!). Interestingly the actual branding is very subtle, the only thing the have in common is the sixties-style  ’J’ on the labelling.  I’m also loving that he’s calling a biscuit a biscuit.

I’m most intrigued by how this reads to an American audience. Does the styling make you want to buy the food? Or does it just seem too plain, too old-fashioned and unappealing?



  1. says

    Personally,I think it’s his no nonsense, no frills approach that attracts his audience. It will be interesting to read the comments you get and as a lover of all things Jamie, I do hope all his stuff makes it to Canada!

  2. says

    I do love the labels and the style. Would I buy it? Intrigued, I would most likely pick it up.
    I must say though that in a Williams Sonoma shelf, where products of known chefs and cooks have a “pre-marketed” platform, I see it working. On an American grocery…mmmmm it may drown in a sea of visual assault product labeling companies are so fond of.
    So goes for reading through menus of American chain restaurants…really, servers should give customers an hour to look over it.

  3. says

    I love it! Then again, anything Jamie does I pretty much like. He is such a cool guy and has such an amazing heart, and true passion for food. His packaging looks very much like the look of his last show,” Jamie at home.” I also love the names that he gives the items as well. I think it will do very well, and I’m glad he partnered up with Williams Sonoma, even though they are a mere ghost of their former selves.

  4. Kassy says

    I think it all looks fabulous especially the hot mint jelly and the mango tea. I’m also glad that a biscuit is being labelled a biscuit because if I’m going to eat an English “cookie” I want it to be called by it’s proper English name. And my American eyes are happy that the labels are not filled to the gills.

  5. K says

    Ah, I love me some Jamie. So much. I like the packaging a lot, but I’m not a good sample Merkin having lived in England for several years. He is just a gem, and I get very grouchy when people criticize him. Thanks for telling me about these.

  6. says

    I popped into W-S yesterday and saw the products in person. Was SO tempted, but couldn’t bring myself to spend $16 on a jar of chutney.
    And EM, why do you say that Williams Sonoma are a ghost of their former selves?

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