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It’s Spring and this not-so-young woman’s fancies are lightly turning to getting the heck out of rainy, cold and miserable Seattle and going somewhere warm and sunny in Europe instead.




Fortunately for all of us dreaming of summer, the lovely peeps at Shabby Apple have very generously offered to give away one of their delightful summer dresses to mirrormirror blog readers.  After much humming and haaahing (sp?) I have chosen this cute ‘Trevi Fountain’ dress worth $78 a) because the pics make me want to go back and live in Rome and b) because I think the cut and colour will be flattering on lots of people.


Capture Cffsapture


There are four different ways to enter the competition and everyone can enter up to four times.  Just make sure you tell me how you’ve entered in a comment below. The competition closes at midnight Pacific Standard Time and I’ll use a random number generator to draw the winning entry as soon as I wake up on Thursday 7th April.

If you win you’ll be able to choose your size and the dress will be shipped directly to you from Shabby Apple if you live in the US. If you live elsewhere, I’ll have it delivered here and then ship it out for FREE, so everyone in the UK and beyond can enter too. And if you aren’t lucky enough to win, Shabby Apple has provided the coupon code mirrormirror10off, so we can all get 10% off at the store.

Below are the different ways to enter. Remember you can enter all four ways as long as you leave a comment telling me how you’ve entered below.

1) Leave a comment below saying if and where you’re thinking of heading on vacation/holiday this summer

2) ’Like’ mirrormirror on Facebook  (leave a comment below saying you’ve done this)

3) ‘Like’ Shabby Apple on Facebook (leave a comment below saying you’ve done this)

4) Tweet the following:  I’ve just entered to win a beautiful Shabby Apple summer dress. You can too!  (And leave a comment below saying you’ve Tweeted).

Buona fortuna!

Update: If you’ve already ‘liked’ mirrormirror or Shabby Apple on Facebook just let me know in the comments and that can count as an entry too. Oh and make sure you mention each entry in a separate comment.



  1. says

    We’re planning on camping around the Oregon coast A LOT and hiking through the Redwood National Forest again (it will be the first vaca since receiving a digital SLR so I can’t wait to take pictures!)

  2. Cara says

    I already ‘liked’ mirrormirror on facebook (because I like you like a friend), but I will also add that I am heading out to Oregon for a hotsprings tour of the state, and to see my favorite band. Can’t wait!

  3. kristy says

    We’re heading to Columbus, OH in June -but I’d love to find a way to go to the pacific northwest this summer – it looks so beautiful there!
    needlegrrl at gmail

  4. Carole says

    This dress would be PERFECT for my Parisian honeymoon this May. 🙂
    I liked mirrormirror and Shabby Apple on Facebook, too!!

  5. says

    This summer, we’re vacationing near Portland, Oregon and eastern Washington while visiting family in the Snake River valley of the Waha mountains. We’re also attending my cousin’s wedding in Bridal Veil, Oregon. This gorgeous dress would be lovely for a wedding occasion!

  6. Jo says

    I’ve liked Shabby Apple on facebook 🙂
    By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog! It is very cool 😀

  7. Jo says

    I’m heading to Scotland for the first time in May, for a family wedding and then a week on Mull (will be visiting Ballamory!)
    Have also tweeted and obviously have been a fan on Facebook for ages too 🙂

  8. says

    I’m not staying home this summer. My husband is in the military and we are stationed in Hawaii, so it seems pretty silly to go somewhere else, when we can just go to the beach here 🙂

  9. hita says

    We are going to India this summer, so our baby can meet her great-grandmom for the very first time. I can’t wait!!

  10. Helena Dahlquist says

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook!
    Living in NZ, summer’s at its end, autumn upon us. My to-be husband is just back from 6 weeks at sea (will be home for another 5 before returning to the ship for 6 more and so it perpetuates). My autumn treat to my self and him would be, getting a baby sitter and going out one night to Prohibition, a 1920’s themed restaurant. Need a fab dress. The one you have on offer would be the loveliest thing!

  11. Minta says

    We are going to stay pretty close to home this summer. Planning on taking day trips to the Smokey Mountains and the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

  12. Holly says

    This dress would be perfect for my trip to the Amalfi coast this summer. Thanks so much for hosting a sweet giveaway!

  13. says

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook!
    I’m graduating in May from a school in Ohio, and I’m hoping to head to Portland in late July for Sock Summit. A yarn vacation is the best kind!

  14. says

    Well, we’re planning a rather fabulous and glamorous trip to a static caravan in NORFOLK this summer. Pros: it’s plumbed in and therefore has hot running water and a flushing toilet…; Cons: it’s in NORFOLK and therefore there is likely to be cold falling water outside the window… Please can I win the dress so I can photoshop myself into Rome?!?!?!

  15. Megan says

    I’ve used up most of my vacation time already, but I’m hoping to get to a cabin in Michigan for a weekend this summer!

  16. carla says

    I’m heading for the beach. twice! One week in June to Neptune Beach, FL and another week in August to Hawaii!! Yay! Nothing like leaving Colorado for a bit of fun in the Ocean.

  17. Helen says

    I hope I’m not too late to enter this – I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing come summer, as I’ll just have graduated from university and have no plans as yet (is this dreadful or full of possibilities? I’m undecided…). But that doesn’t matter because I’ve just come back from Naples, where I soaked in the atmosphere, art and architecture…

  18. Embracing Life says

    Don’t know why my post above is saying 7th april…it is still 6th april not even midnight US central time here when I posted it and before your giveaway ends!!! Weird! Just making sure
    :))) Have a good night!

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