New Year’s Resolutions


This year I have decided NOT to make any resolutions because a) I am absolutely crap at sticking to them and b) I’ve got quite enough on my plate thank you with my 101 Things list.

The good news is that I managed to make further inroads into the list over Christmas.

First up was ‘go snowmobiling’. 

Many moons ago, when I’d just met the Boyfriend (before he became the Husband) we went on a skiing holiday to Whistler (little guessing that we’d be living in Seattle and spending our Christmases there, ten or so years into the future).

I had been trying my hand at snowboarding and after a couple of lessons the then Boyfriend and I decided to board down the mountain. It turns out that I’m even worse at snowboarding than I am at keeping New Year’s resolutions and it soon became apparent that there was no way I was going to make it to the nearest chairlift before nightfall.  Cue a ruggedly handsome snowmobiler rushing to the aid of this damsel in distress and whisking me off down the mountain at top speed. And I’ve wanted to go snowmobiling again ever since.

So it went on the list and the Husband and I signed up to go snowmobiling last week in Whistler. I decided that it would only count for the list if I drove one, little realising how terrifyingly huge they are.

Here I am as nervous as hell before we set off.




Here I am clinging on grimly for dear life (yes, I promise that’s me).




And here we are after I decided that my tentative driving  was hugely unenjoyable for all concerned and I climbed on the back of the guide’s machine, whizzed at furious speed through the snowy trees, and  fulfilled all my snowmobiling fantasies.

It turns out that snowmobiles are another thing (along with cars and supermarkets) that are not designed for people who stand just over 5 feet tall.  It really would have helped if I’d at least been able to see over the windshield which became totally covered in snow at one point.




The other thing I can of course tick off the list is ‘knit a sock monkey’.  Here are a couple of last photos, before I bore you to death, of Carmen B modelling a few accessories.  I knitted the hat on Christmas Eve, made her earrings and sourced the little sunglasses online.


IMG_2886 IMG_2889


What are your resolutions this year? Is anyone going to join me in a 101 Things List?  If you’re feeling introspective then this list of prompts from Reverb is very thought-provoking (I may work on it in January).

Sadly Carmen Banana has not been an unequivocal success. The Minx was very impressed that I’d knitted her and told me that ‘she looks like she came from a sock monkey shop’. However the next night I found that she had been relegated from the Minx’s bed ‘because she looks a bit scary’. I have to say that I can’t really disagree with her.



  1. says

    What an adorable sock monkey!!!
    I don’t make resolutions…but I have been back to the gym this week and am trying to not put pressure on myself to follow a schedule..but to take babysteps…making small decisions daily (a salad for lunch instead of a burger; walking extra laps at the gym; forgoing an hour of extra sleep so that I can go to an early work out class before work) that may add up to big accomplishments (losing 50 pounds).
    I figure if I keep my head down, work hard, then it’ll pay off.

  2. says

    oooh. i just see finished carmen and gosh oh how do i love her. if the minx doesn’t “like” her, send her over. it’s the most lovely knitted thing. really.
    kids can be cruel when it comes to giving them christmas presents right? we had a similar situation here over christmas and it was heartbreaking for my boyfriend (it’s his daughter). and he didn’t make the present himself though but when the kids reject what you’ve been carefully selecting.. ouch. hope she’ll behave better next year 🙂
    nope, no resolutions for me next year though there are some things i’d like to improve. eat healthier. have better time management.
    i’m about to write a blog post about it. let’s see what i come up with 🙂
    have a beautiful new year my friend. i look forward seeing your next projects and following your blog and connect with you again. you have a special place in my heart.

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