A Bit of Baking


And a Happy New Year to you too!

I might not be posting much this week. I’ve been knocked for six by a huge cold; am working on another blog which I will be launching this week, hopefully tomorrow; am working on a very inspirational online photography workshop led by Darrah Parker; and preparing for the first day of my Advanced Interactive Marketing Course at the University of Washington on Friday.

In the meantime here are a few images from my New Year’s baking – mini cupcakes for a New Year’s Party and some mini mince pies made with my unbelievably good homemade mincemeat (gosh, I’m so proud of that stuff), just because really.  There has been much discussion of cake v pie around the Internet recently but I truly don’t understand why you can’t just have both.



Where do you stand on cake versus pie? Are cupcakes really passe’? What’s with the American obsession with pie? Anyone fancy a mince pie?



  1. Helena (Helle) says

    Hi there! Firstly, I just have to say that I adore your blog and your passion. Every single post is such a pleasure to read, look at, fantasize about and it gets me very inspired! Thanks for that!
    I’m a soon-30-year old Swede living in NZ. I was horrified when at my first meeting with mince pie. How could one ever? Why? How did anyone ever think about such a weird thing to eat? 4 years on, having been both hung over, pregnant (not at the same time) and now the mother of a beautiful 16-month old, I totally get it. There is nothing better than a fresh mince pie. And muffins/cup cakes! Of course! That’t the nicest, easiest little treat there is to make! A Sunday should always involve Eggs Bennie, coffee, a news paper, a walk, a mince pie and later, a real good cuppa and a cup cake. In my humble opinion!
    Keep up the brilliant work, you make a lot of people happy!
    All the best to you and your family in the New Year.

  2. says

    HAFoT will email.
    Helle, ha ha! You sound so very British talking about a ‘good cuppa’. Glad New Zealand has converted you and thanks for all the compliments, you’ve made my day 🙂
    Erin, you won’t get a good mince pie in the US unless you make you’re own mincemeat. It’s apparently impossible to buy the good stuff here. And of course you won’t make you’re own mincemeat unless you’ve eaten a good mince pie. A veritable catch 22.

  3. says

    What a lovely collection of images, Paola! Just so damn gorgeous!
    As far as cake VERSUS pie… I’m with you! Why does there have to be an either/or anyway?!! Jeesh!
    And, for the record, I ADORE mince pie/tarts!!! Although, have never made my own from scratch which I can only imagine must be a divine moment of glorious pleasure!
    Hope the New Year is starting off reasonably well for you and the family despite the cold and the bulk of activities which clearly indicates a total and complete lack of any level of sound sleeping whatsoever! Whew! Take care of yourself!

  4. says

    Baking is a great past time especially if you are doing this with your kids or a friend. Plus baking something special for a love one can be an additional credit. I really appreciate the effort of posting the mouth watering photos. I really love them. I am looking forward to baked one soon. More power to you and continue the good job.

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