An Extremely Cool Mother’s Day Idea


Yesterday morning I was woken at 6.20 AM by a very excited little girl, eager to present me with her Mother’s Day gift.

Because I’m an extremely bad mother, I must confess I was not exactly thrilled to see her at that time of the morning.  However when I saw what she’d made, it was so spectacular even I couldn’t find it in my heart to be grumpy.


 IMG_6176.CR2 IMG_6189


Funnily enough the Minx had no idea that I had recommended Edible Arrangements in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide on Shelterrific. Instead she had referred to instructions given in a recent issue of Sparkle World magazine.

The Husband reports that it’s a really great project to do with a young child – he got to cut the watermelon ‘vase’ and wield the melon baller, while the Minx was in charge of design, cutting out daisy and star shapes and threading fruit on to skewers.

And it was a superbly pleasurable way to have a light and totally guilt-free fruity breakfast before going out for Mother’s Day brunch.

Someone was rightly extremely proud of her little self. And I am very, VERY proud of her.

Hope all you other mommas had a great day too.




We went out for the brunch buffet at Urbane, the restaurant in the newly-opened Olive8 building. Loved the restaurant, loved the decor (would have taken pictures had the battery in my camera not died at the wrong moment), and the brunch was excellent.  Highly recommended to all Seattleites, especially the Nutella brioche which was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten in my life.



  1. Marie says

    Paola, How did they cut the pineapple as a flower ?
    I love this idea for a birthday party for example.

  2. says

    Just catching up with your posts and had to comment on this wonderful MD gift your received. So super! For my bridal shower my friend and her mom created an edible centerpiece, but using veggies rather than fruit, and coloring some of the jicima flower cutouts with food dyes to very pleasing effect. They followed the instructions from a book by a Southern California woman. That was several decades ago and the practice of making these seemed to die out. Glad to see it is revived and is charming folks all over again. . .and giving kids a super way to surprise their moms! It is really lovely.

  3. says

    Hi Paola
    thank you for this post .

    Its a very interesting gift idea for mothers day. and the flower that you made from pineapple was really awesome. i think you can sell this type of personalized gifts for different occasions.


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