Royal Wedding Watch – Afternoon Tea at Harvey Nicks


I can’t tell you how much I want this silly but charming Limited Edition Royal Wedding Mug, which has been specially produced for upmarket British department store Harvey Nichols (oh how I miss Harvey Nicks).



Tragically, it seems that this mug is only available from Harvey Nicks’ Food Halls directly, on sale for £20, or will be given away as part of an exclusive afternoon tea being served at Harvey Nichols’ cafés and brasseries throughout the month of April.

I’ll be emailing Harvey Nicks to see if it’s going to be made available online, so that people in the US and beyond, including me dammit, can get their sticky mitts on one.  If you’re in the US and think there might be demand for it, can you let me know in the comments below and I’ll send Harvey Nicks a link to this post.



  1. says

    Camilla, if you’re sure you won’t be too busy with your own wedding preparations (who are you wearing?) then that would be WONDERFUL.

  2. Kelly says

    Adorable, but surely you can ask someone back in the UK to run in for it?
    I desperately want this toy for my 18 month old: link to
    And by the way, I have followed your blog for months (years?) but haven’t ever commented since I read it in Google Reader. Love your adventures and your great taste.

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