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I’m trying to work out whether these ingenious poster-sized Life Calendars from BrigadaCreativa are a fabulous or downright scary idea.




You can start on any day of the year, and every day you fill in the appropriate emoticons until you end up with detailed pictorial record of your year, before your eyes.  In black and yellow.




Even more terrifying is the The Love Calendar, where you’re supposed to fill in portions of the hearts according how much conversation, caresses, time together and sex you’ve had with your partner that day.




I can see this becoming exhibit one in divorce cases the world over.




If you’re brave enough to get one of these, (and I’m actually tempted to get the emoticon one, as it would certainly be extremely revealing), they’re available from Brigada Creativa’s Etsy shop. Go on, I dare you!



  1. says

    I was wondering if I could use the first one as a diagnostic tool at work? “Well, according to your chart, your high rate of frowny faces may indicate that you are experiencing some depression. I would like to talk more about that.”

  2. mary says

    i think the smiley face one is GREAT – as long as you evalauate the whole day it could be very interesting at the end of what you feel has been a terrible week.

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