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Phew! I think I’ve just about got the Oscars out of my system.  I was on the brink of comparing Nicole Kidman to an armadillo, but stopped myself just in time.

In other news, Liberty London Girl just tweeted about the fabulous wallpaper in the bathrooms at the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC.


Steinberg Aviary Wallpaper


It’s called Aviary by F Schumacher, and the pattern was designed by Saul Steinberg, who was a cartoonist for The New Yorker in the 1950s.

Here is is in situ at the Soho Grand.   I may have to stay here next time I’m in NYC, just so I can sit in the bathroom.


Soho Grand Bath 1




soho grand 2


This wallpaper needs to be in my life somehow as a matter of urgency.  Time to work on the downstairs bathroom? It’s also available at Decorator’s Best.

{Found via Liberty London Girl’s Tumblr.  Additional pictures via Remodelista and Tea For Joy}



  1. camilla says

    Don’t some of the birds look a bit like *whispers* pigeons.
    Loving your work with the Oscar dresses. You did forget Mrs Firth’s dress made up of recycled scraps of vintage frocks as part of her Green carpet project which looked exactly like a dress made up of recycled scraps of vintage frocks.
    But hey, with Colin Firth on your arm who’s going to look at your dress?

  2. Deri says

    very nice. Am about to paint Nell’s room and contemplating a feature wall. Presume the sort of price that means it;s more likely to be a feature 4″ square…? x

  3. deri says

    Just showed this to Nell. ‘I want it’ was the unambiguous response. Will brief her dad forthwith….

  4. says

    Lovely! Although it would be fun (and probably cheaper) to design your own wallpaper from a doodle and get it custom-printed. If only they made it easy to hang…

  5. Brooke says

    I would NEED to color one red. And then once one was red…I have hard time not coloring another one…and another…

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