Today I Am Mostly…

…picking a posy…


I’m so excited! The hellebores are coming out, also the the beautiful sarcococca with its shiny, shiny black berries as you can see to better effect here.


Please note that this is the first time in forever that I’ve not been embarrassed by a picture that shows a bit of the background paint colour in our house.  Speaking of which, and not to be comment whore or anything, but I’d REALLY appreciate your thoughts on the below. Particularly as to whether I should paint the sitting area the same colour or just go with white…



  1. mlle paradis says

    Oh! I love BOTH! Haven’t thought of sarcococca since I lived on the East Coast – it must be around here somewhere but so far in L.A., there are NOT alot of hellebores. Now that you’re making me miss it I’m thinking it must be my very favorite flower. (Sigh!) Thanks for sharing!

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