World’s Most Beautiful Object?


So, this black steel fireplace by French company Focus has apparently been voted the World’s Most Beautiful Object by the Pulchra design competition in Italy.

Thoughts? It’s impressive, but definitely not my most beautiful object (still trying to think what would be though).  And this room is utterly spectacular, though that has more to do with room’s bones than the so-so decor.  

What objects would you nominate?



  1. says

    It’s a nice fireplace, but there isn’t enough room to make smores.
    I think the most beautiful object would be a GIANT Zafu cushion made from lovely Indian-inspired fabrics, surrounded by smaller leather cushions for sitting on. Imagine a huge, round ottoman covered in luscious oranges, yellows, purples, and reds. Tiny little mirrors the the sheen of brocades reflecting light. A place where you could gather a small party for wine and candle light and tapas.

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