Barack Obama’s Bed?

It has been reported on the extremely fabulous Mrs O blog that Michael Smith, the Obamas’ decorator, ordered the bed below (though not the rest of the furniture) to be sent to the White House.  The bed is an 1820s tiger’s eye maple king size four poster from Leonards of New England.


Photo by Leonard’s of New England.

If so, it fits in very well with Michael Smith’s, dare I say it, somewhat boring style. Here are some examples of beds he’s done from the Domino website.

gasl_michael_smith_daras_02 gasl_michael_smith_daras_06 gasl_michael_smith_daras_08

I know the White House is a historic house and he can’t go too funky and modern but I do hope the Obamas are getting something that doesn’t look like it belongs in a cluttered Cotswolds B&B.








While we’re on the subject of White House bedrooms the below made me laugh.

This is Jackie Kennedy’s fabulous bedroom – elegant, sophisticated, timeless and quietly sexy.


And here is the bedroom she created for her husband Jack Kennedy – frilly, awkward (what’s with the bedside table in front of the door?), uncomfortable looking, it’s hardly a shag palace is it?  He must have been SO embarrassed bringing Marilyn Monroe back here for a session.




  1. says

    You described Jackie O’s room perfectly. It is definitely sexy, but in the classiest way. Her husband’s, however, seems like it was made to keep the ladies away.
    I hope the Obamas don’t end up with a B&B-style residence in the White House. They are too cool for that.

  2. says

    Harrumph!! I think our tastes differ somewhat. Love the muted greys of Jackie O’s pad and also love Michelle’s bed. Four poster without being too frou-frou. Cotswold B&B indeed!! I’m looking for a mini-break location for the Husband’s 30th this autumn – I think I might just find Chintz city if only to really p**s you off!!!!! 🙂

  3. says

    Go ahead! Cotswolds B&B decor is fine, if you’re in a Cotswolds B&B… I just don’t like it for the White House and such a funky couple as the Obamas…
    (PS. Check out Alistair Sawday’s Special Places To Stay website for great mini break locations).

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