Just a quickie for all people who are either running a small business in the Seattle area or thinking of starting something up. 

Megan Not Martha has got together with a bunch of folk to set up the Grassroots Business Association providing practical help and emotional support to small business owners. The first meeting is tomorrow Wednesday at 6pm at Vermillion in Seattle.  All details are here.

This is incredibly timely for me, as I’m starting to think about setting up ‘mirrormirror US’ and have absolutely no idea where to begin.  I hope to meet some of you tomorrow and a big shout out to Megan and co for getting this ball rolling.



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    This should be good. Kristen Rask of Schmancy got it started along with her accountant, who specializes in working with small business owners. They are a group of very sharp ladies! I was in on just a bit of the prep work but haven’t had the time to devote to it, but they are moving full speed ahead. It is impressive.

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