La fin

For about twelve short but glorious weeks of the year – from the end of June to the middle of September – Seattle is the best place to be on earth. 

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been enjoying the most glorious Indian summer, temperatures in the mid-to-high 70s (around 25 degrees) and cloudless clear blue skies.  This weekend was another such but with added poignancy.  The slight chill on the breeze in the morning and the leaves starting to turn red round the edges told their own story.  The weather is supposed to turn colder by next weekend, so this weekend was full of small goodbyes.

IMG_8119 IMG_8144 IMG_8138

The last sandcastles on the beach


The last lunch by the sea

IMG_8149  IMG_8070

The last strawberry lemonade                                                  The last margaritas on the deck


The last popsicle princesses


The last vestigial sunset through the trees


The last chance to watch the lights come on over Seattle and the sun glinting off the downtown buildings


The last chance to watch the moonlight on the water


The last chance to have a candlelit dinner with friends

It was also the last chance for some crazy drunken dancing under the stars but I’ve decided to spare you the photos



  1. says

    Welcome back! I’ve just popped over and seen you here 🙂
    It looks lovely and warm in Seattle at the moment, here it’s been cold, cloudy and grey for seemingly weeks. In fact I tried to buy hot water bottles today as our energy provider has put the price up by 50 and I’m refusing to put the heating on until I can switch provider!
    Have a great rest of your summer!

  2. says

    Your post has triggered the latent nostalgia and delicious sadness that the turn of this season always brings. Our summers are so beautiful and so brief. Thanks so much for your photos.

  3. camilla says

    Am intrigued by dinner menu – looks like cereal bananas and yoghurt on the tray. Us Brits eat that for breakfast….
    And does your downslope neighbour know you can see straight into her kitchen?! ;-D

  4. says

    Very nice dinner guests had brought all the fixins’ for banana splits for dessert…
    Downslope house is a student house and as such she probably doesn’t care because her rent is cheap.

  5. says

    Lovely pictures ~ I just moved to Seattle and am/was enjoying the late summer weather…what type of camera do you use to capture these moments? Nice work.

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