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This is hands down the grossest thing I’ve ever posted, so those of you of a delicate constitution please look away now.  This handy household tip is intended only for those of you who are plagued by fruit flies as I currently am. (Is it just a Seattle thing?)


Take one small bowl. Put a piece of overripe fruit in the bottom (they are appear to be very partial to pineapple). Cover with clingfilm and pierce several small holes in the top. Ha ha! The flies are clever enough to work out how to get into the bowl, but too stupid to work out how to get out.

God, this blog spoils you lot sometimes.



  1. MaryBeth says

    Oh my, that is gross but I will try it. but do you throw them out or do you just leave it and more and more appear? Seriously, where do they come from anyway? MB

  2. says

    We had the same problem this summer. We put sugar water in a tall cup w/lid. They went right down the straw hole but couldn’t come back up. Looked gross but it took care of most of them. They were congregating around my kitchen window and the bathroom mirror which I find strange. So I just cleaned those real well with 409 and they left the area. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Killers of fruit flies unite! lol

  3. says

    Thanks! I’m loving the straw cup suggestion.
    When they’re in the bowl we carry them to the garden waste recycling bin and tip everything in. Unfortunately I think ours are attracted by the compost bins on our countertops.
    Seventh Generation babywipes also seem to work as bait (as I discovered when I found a slightly open packet SWARMING with flies).

  4. says

    oh my gosh brilliant! thanks so much for posting this. i’m pass the information on to some friends who recently complained about them. they have been such a pain this year.
    the fruit flies that is 🙂

  5. mel says

    MaryBeth, you asked where they come from…my husband and I are convinced they live in wine bottles. they don’t seem to appear in our house until we open a bottle of wine. red produces more flies..going to have to live with them I guess. not giving up the vino.

  6. Lynn says

    Great tip. I’ve also used a solution of apple cider vinegar and dish soap (just enough to get a foamy head) in a pint glass (only need to fill 1/3 way full). They fly down in the glass and get trapped in the suds!
    Ditto the wine bottle sentiment Mel!

  7. beth says

    I went the more corporate route and used some Starbucks cold plastic cups with lids (bugs go thru the hole where you put the straw) and a piece of banana inside. I didn’t want them to escape while I tried to save a cup I actually use! They were slow the first day, but then one went in and they all followed suit. Threw the whole thing in the outside trash bin after about three days. It seems to be working so far – we are happy!

  8. PurpleSmurf says

    Thank you all for some really creative ideas! I am excited to start trying some out right now. I have been plagued with these pests for over a month in my kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen isnt too bad as we have started refrigerating everything but they are running rampant in the bathroom- all over toothbrushes, the toothpaste cap, mirror, etc. It is so annoying! I decided to seek a solution here online and I found you all. Thank you so much! I am now off to try some of these methods!
    Merry Christmas!

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