Separated at Birth

This will mean beans to anyone in the US, so I suggest you carry on trick or treating and come back again tomorrow.


                         Kelly Brook                                               Edwina Currie


  1. says

    He he. A friend of mine saw her (Kelly, not Edwina) by Selfridges the other day and said that sadly, sans makeup, she’s surprisingly plain(er). She does scrub up rather well, though. Billy was with her too. He, apparently, has an enormous head!

  2. lee says

    I have to say I would kill to have Kelly Brooks body. I had to look up Ms. Currie (yes I am an american) but they do look alike.

  3. says

    I know. Kelly Brook’s body and hair are spectacular but it was bugging me for ages who she reminded me of. And now yes, I feel a whole lot better.

  4. Kalie warren says

    This Kelly girl is a fire ball im not saying shes ugly she is BEAUTIFUL and she has got the body of a goddess OMG she has got it all she is an inspiration to all girls that think they cant do something!

  5. says

    This is hilarious.
    I’ve always told baffled mates that Kelly has a face suited to the second row of a rugby scrum. They can’t see past her body. Take that make-up away and what do you have? It’s a strange old celebrity culture and I’ve also always seen that resemblance, which if pointed out, makes men think twice.

  6. says

    all sports are fun as long as people remember that they are games, physical activity is good for the body and the recreational part distracts you from work everyday!

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