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I love every sort of colour (and am a colour/word synaesthete, which sometimes makes life interesting) and so found these colour games from Livelygrey (via Hue Consulting) a very fascinating and enjoyable way to procrastinate, instead of writing yet another email about Christmas for our press list.

Image from Livelygrey


  1. christine says

    Hi – my 17 yr old daugher is a color number/letter synaesthete which i find totally fascinating. She just discovered that not everyone has this ability. She always assumed everyone did this. Thanks for sharing these color games.

  2. says

    Christine, ask around the rest of the family to see if anyone else has synaesthesia. I only fairly recently discovered that my sister has it as well, though her she sees words as different colours than I do.
    I always thought I was somewhat deranged until I read about the condition on the Internet a few years ago. Ask your daughter what colour the word ‘banana’ is…

  3. camilla says

    Ohh, the Mollster and I loved this game. We were very good at it too *preen*. In fact she was better than me and made her only mistake on the very last puzzle….

  4. christine says

    so no one else in the family has this…not a surprise since this little bird is a very quirky girl and always has been. i asked her about banana and she said its a beigy orangish (apparently she sees shades of colors and has to describe them) apple is blue, christine is green and mom is yellow.
    she smiled knowing someone else was like her….thanks

  5. says

    Christine, tell her that banana is light blue, christine IS green and mum is mid grey (but mom is a mixture of steel grey and navy blue) 🙂
    I know what she means about seeing shades of colour. I think it’s because for me different letters and syllables ‘stand for’ different colours so they blend into different shades as they they blend into different words. It’s difficult to describe.
    Thanks, it’s nice for me to ‘talk’ to someone with it too. I’ve only met two other people in real life who have it.

  6. christine says

    Thanks for sharing this….when i told her your system she instantly understood what you meant by blending because she sees individual letters as colors that come together as words and I think the fact that my name is green for both of you was very validating for her…..

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